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Political Argumentative Essay Topics

2nd, May, 2011, was a different day for the whole world. Different media stations, reported the news differently, in different languages, and by different presenters; Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was dead! He was shot and killed inside a private residential compound, by members of the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group, which was ordered by the then president of US, Barack Obama. This is a topic that has caused diverse reactions from different personnel. 
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When asked to write a political argumentative essay topic, you may choose to write on an Osama bin laden essay. In this case, take an approach that will give your arguments in relation to Osama, but on the basis of politics. For example, look at this; “Osama bin Laden, should never have been murdered!” Consequently, give your arguments basing them on political grounds. Political argumentative essay topics require you as a writer to make an argument based on politics. If you are a lover of politics, this is an easy task. However, if you are not, do not fret; you can do it, stay with me.
Tips on how to select strong political argumentative essay topics
To begin with, select an interesting topic, to captivate your readers. Besides, an interesting topic makes it easy for you to write your essay. Second, choose a topic with sufficient supportive material. Keep it in mind that the main objective of an argumentative essay is to convenience the reader to buy your point of view. For instance, as much as the subject of Osama bin Laden is captivating, it would be difficult to find material supporting the fact that Osama should never have been murdered. Third, select a topic that impacts your reader positively. Finally, select an argumentative essay topic that is current. Current news captures the attention of readers as opposed to old topics. 
Examples of political argumentative essay topics
  • Politics is not a dirty game
  • Osama bin laden should never have been murdered
Besides topics on politics…
Besides argumentative essay topics on politics, there are argumentative essay topics on education, on science, on fun and the list is endless. Argumentative essay topics on education, discuss arguments based on education. An example of an argumentative essay topic on education is, “sex education should be practiced in places of worship.”  You can always solicit examples of argumentative essay topics on education, on science, or fun among others from custom writing services.

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Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing good argumentative essay topics is the first stage to writing an excellent paper. Good argumentative essay topics do not have to be complex. Choosing good argumentative essay topics even on a simple subject will make your paper be of high academic level. The quality of your paper will be determined on how good the topic and presentation is and not on how complex it is. Good argumentative essay topics are easy to understand so that they persuade the reader as opposed to being too complex and hard to comprehend.
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Choosing an interesting topic will make the reader feel that some creativity and effort was applied in the work. Creative argumentative essay topics are based on fictional writing and not mainly on factual information from academic sources. Creative argumentative essay topics are adopted when the writer does not intend to delve in very serious and formal kinds of discussions. Creative argumentative essay topics are mostly adopted by people who are studying social science and the arts. It is rare to find creative argumentative essay topics about sciences like medicine and other hard sciences. This is mainly because their concepts are normally based on facts and experimented data.
So what makes up a good argumentative topic?

  1.  It has to be about a topic that stirs up a discussion. One can take up a common subject that is not controversial on face value and then give it an argumentative angle. There are some popular areas where most scholars pick their topics from. On should however be careful not to pick tired topics. Tired topics are those that have been debated over too much that they do not fascinate anyone anymore.
  2. When picking a topic, do not focus so much on picking a premise that you can support. There are people who change their view after completing their paper. In real sense, the paper does not have to end by stating that they stand you hold is the fact. The idea is to be able to skilfully look at the different angles there are concerning a certain subject.
  3. The idea suggested in your topic has to be backed up by scholarly sources from academic authorities or by the relevant important sources in your field of study. The argumentative paper is not a monologue of the divergent ideas in your head but rather the ideas given by other people concerning the subject matter. However sometimes one may want to present a totally new angle or aspect that has never been considered before
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Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

What are funny argumentative essay topics?
Brilliant question! To answer to your question, an argumentative essay is a piece of writing that conveniences the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. It is based on the author’s ideas, and feelings. As such, in many cases than not, argumentative essays take the first person narration. This may be based on the author’s experience, or another person’s experience. For funny argumentative essay topics, they must have a point of argument, but with humor. With the exception of humor, they cease to be funny, and only remain argumentative essay topics

Sources of Funny argumentative essay topics
Your lecturer is the first source of humorous argumentative essay topics. Besides, professional personnel on argumentative essay writing are also another source of essay samples. Other massive sources of examples of humorous argumentative essay topics include; custom writing services, the internet and books and journals. However, it is paramount to evaluate the credibility of a custom writing service prior to utilizing its services. Credible custom writing services are characterized by professional and experienced writers, it is renowned, and it has reasonable rates. Again, it is astute to solicit websites with top level domain names as .net, org,, and .com.  
Attributes of strong funny argumentative essay topics
To begin with, the essay topics must have humor; otherwise they cease to be funny.  Again, they must be interesting both to you as a writer, and the audience. Keep it in mind that an interesting topic makes it easy for you to write a paper. Besides, an interesting topic naturally captivates the attention of the audience.  Choose a topic that you can get sufficient material to support your argument. Keep it in mind that the sole mandate of argumentative essay topic, is to convenience the audience to buy your point of view.
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Besides humor…..
Well, besides humorous argumentative essay topics, there are other types of argumentative essay topics. They include; argumentative essay topics on domestic violence, argumentative essay topics on politics, argumentative essay topics on science, argumentative essay topics on gender, and the list is endless. Keep it in mind; whether you are selecting argumentative essay topics on domestic violence, gender or any other topic, it is paramount to apply the above nuggets of wisdom.  Argumentative essay topics on domestic violence are based on domestic violence. With the above dexterity, it is possible to choose strong and professional argumentative essay topics on domestic violence, fun, or whichever topic, go for it!

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Fun Ergumentative Essay Topics

The last bell rang; it marked the beginning of the summer holidays. “If only I was going home to have fun, instead of the boring homework!”  This was the lamentation of many students.  While this was just wishful thinking, this is the way it should be. As much as education and work is crucial, there should be time for fun! However, schools and working organizations seem not to understand this; schools continuously bore students with massive assignments, during holidays, and companies, require employees to spend their entire time in the offices! If you are soliciting fun argumentative essay topics, you already have one; “having fun is essential” So what is an argumentative essay topic? This is one of the most fundamental questions that you must consider, prior to writing a fun argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that requires the writer to convince the reader to buy his or her point of view. Fun argumentative essay topics should hence be based on fun.
Selecting the best fun argumentative essay topics
To begin with, select a topic that is captivating. This will give you the moral to complete writing your essay. Again, an interesting essay topic captivates your reader easily. Select a topic that is relevant to your audience and one that will impact them. It is hence astute to have a comprehension of your target audience based on their attitude towards the topic, their knowledge and what they need to know about the subject. Also again, keep it in mind that the objective of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader to buy your point of view.  As such, it is astute to select a topic that provides supportive material that is sufficient to make your argument valid.
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Keep it in mind…
Keep it in mind; as they seem similar, fun argumentative essay topics are different from funny argumentative essay topics. While funny argumentative essay topics have to tickle the audience, argumentative essay topics on fun do not have to.  Some of the sources of funny argumentative essay topics include; custom writing services, the internet, books and journals. However, it is astute to implement on the above mentioned tips on how to select funny argumentative essay topics.
Examples of fun argumentative essay topics
  • Work without play makes John a dull boy
  • Schools and organizations should advocate for fun activities
  • Students should not spend their entire time having fun.
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Examples Of Argumentative Essay Topics

Examples of argumentative essay topics are normally drawn from a variety of fields of study. Regardless of your major, you will be able to get examples of argumentative essay topics. You can also access your college or school library to look for examples of argumentative essay topics that were written by other students before you.  Examples of argumentative essay topics can easily be accessed online on academic writing websites.
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For example:
 Argumentative essay topics on abortion.
  • Argumentative essay topics on abortion can revolve around the morality of the action. Here, you can look at the beliefs that different people hold concerning the morality of carrying out an abortion. You can argue on whether it is really murder based on the different moral perspectives given by scholars and other people who have discussed the matter before. The morality of most people is determined by the values that were instilled into them as they were growing up.
  • Argumentative essay topics on abortion can also look at the biological aspect. Basing your argument on biological and medical facts, argue how right or wrong it is. One can consider the well being of the mother as well as the child. Here you can consider what different doctors have to say about abortion.
  • The argumentative essay on abortion can also consider the religious angle. For example people who are doing theology can study the rightness or wrongness of the act based on diverse religious believes. In such cases, you may not need to even indicate your personal view. You can provide the facts supporting both sides and point out the strengths and limitations of the claims.
  • You can also tackle the subject by considering the different worldviews that people hold. For example, the utilitarian worldview which believes in doing things for the good of the majority as opposed to the hedonistic worldview where you do what brings you pleasure the most. Each side normally has very strong points for the position they take so it is your work to critically analyze them.
  • You can also consider the past instances that have been reported after someone carried out an abortion.
These examples just show how you can pick a variety of argumentative essay topics from the same subject. More ideas can be found online.

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Examples Of Argumentative Essay Topics

I stared at him; with uncontrollable tears. I had never thought of aborting my baby! “I know it is not an easy decision, but it is the only priority we have to save your life,” Dr Forrester continued to say. The days that followed after that discussion were one of the darkest seasons of my life. It was my first baby, and I had to abort him! That was twelve years ago. Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated the second birthday of my third born! If abortion was never in the picture, it would be a different story, perhaps I would be dead, and my three children would never exist. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, but without it, things would probably have been worse. Abortion is crucial, but only in a few cases such as, rape, and cases where the mother’s life is at risk. If you are soliciting examples of argumentative essay topics, you already have one; abortion is crucial. Argumentative essays require the writer to convince the audience to buy his or her point of view. For example, in reference to the above illustration, discuss your arguments, convincing your audience on why abortion is crucial.
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Types of examples of argumentative essay topics
Argumentative essay topics are classified into several categories. some of them include;  fun argumentative essay topics, political argumentative essay topics, argumentative essay topics on education, and science argumentative essay topics, just but to mention a few.
Sources examples of argumentative essay topics
Custom writing services, the internet, and books and journals are the massive sources of examples of essay topics such as political argumentative essay topics, education argumentative essay topics, among others. Evaluate the credibility of the custom writing service.  Credible custom writing services are rated by search engines as the best. As such, they appear on their top listing on the first page.  Except for personal reasons, go for custom writing services that appear on the first page of search engines such as, Google.
Examples of argumentative essay topics
The following are samples of argumentative essay topics. Keep it in mind that some of them include political argumentative essay topics.
  • Prostitution should be legalized
  • The government should have regulated campaigns
  • Politics is not a dirty game ( an example of a political argumentative essay topic)
  • Gay marriages should never be legalized
  • The aged should get free bus rides
  • The government should pay students for good performances
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Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Memories of that day haunted me; Craig had been sentenced to death! Worst of all; for a crime he had never committed! We had spent the entire day with Craig on the day Keith was murdered. According to the report, Keith was murdered at around midday; the same time we were on the beach with Craig. Only Craig and I knew the truth, and I had not succeeded in defending him. The feeling of guilt, coupled with loss and grief stubbornly stayed in my heart. What about the innocent? What about the people who wanted a chance to change? “Death penalty should never be!”  If you are assigned an argumentative essay, this is one of the easy argumentative essay topics that you may consider discussing. An argumentative essay is written with the intention of pricking the mind of a reader with the opinion for, or against, the subject. It involves ideas and opinions of the writer, who has the main objective of convincing the reader to take side of his or her argument. It may be based on personal experience, which calls for change on a specific subject. Argumentative persuasive essay topics make arguments and persuade the reader to buy the writer’s point of view.
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 Steps to selecting easy argumentative essay topics
  1. The first step in choosing an essay topic is defining the purpose of the easy. For argumentative persuasive essay topics, the main objective is to persuade the audience to buy the writer’s point of view.
  2.  Briefly research your audience based on their background, level of intelligence, gender, and their attitude, what they know, and may need to know about the subject.
  3. Brainstorm your argumentative persuasive essay topics. Start with what you know and make a list of topics that you may find easy and appropriate.
  4. Evaluate the credibility of the topics. Good topics should be relevant to the audience, should have impact to the audience and should be interesting to you and your audience. Again, for an easier writing process, it is astute to select an easy argumentative essay topic. Also, select an argumentative persuasive essay topic that you have a comprehension on.
Easy argumentative essay topics examples
Some of the examples of simple argumentative essay topics include:
1.      Death penalty should never be
2.      Lottery is a brilliant idea
3.      The election process needs a change
4.      Saturday should never be a working day
5.      Smoking in public is murder!
6.      Cell phones are dangerous 

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