Thursday, 27 September 2012

Examples Of Argumentative Essay Topics

Examples of argumentative essay topics are normally drawn from a variety of fields of study. Regardless of your major, you will be able to get examples of argumentative essay topics. You can also access your college or school library to look for examples of argumentative essay topics that were written by other students before you.  Examples of argumentative essay topics can easily be accessed online on academic writing websites.
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For example:
 Argumentative essay topics on abortion.
  • Argumentative essay topics on abortion can revolve around the morality of the action. Here, you can look at the beliefs that different people hold concerning the morality of carrying out an abortion. You can argue on whether it is really murder based on the different moral perspectives given by scholars and other people who have discussed the matter before. The morality of most people is determined by the values that were instilled into them as they were growing up.
  • Argumentative essay topics on abortion can also look at the biological aspect. Basing your argument on biological and medical facts, argue how right or wrong it is. One can consider the well being of the mother as well as the child. Here you can consider what different doctors have to say about abortion.
  • The argumentative essay on abortion can also consider the religious angle. For example people who are doing theology can study the rightness or wrongness of the act based on diverse religious believes. In such cases, you may not need to even indicate your personal view. You can provide the facts supporting both sides and point out the strengths and limitations of the claims.
  • You can also tackle the subject by considering the different worldviews that people hold. For example, the utilitarian worldview which believes in doing things for the good of the majority as opposed to the hedonistic worldview where you do what brings you pleasure the most. Each side normally has very strong points for the position they take so it is your work to critically analyze them.
  • You can also consider the past instances that have been reported after someone carried out an abortion.
These examples just show how you can pick a variety of argumentative essay topics from the same subject. More ideas can be found online.

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