Thursday, 27 September 2012

Argumentative Essay Topics Tor College Students

When Steve came back from prison, he was nothing of what we had expected. He was rude, unkempt, and arrogant. The little human nature he had in his eyes, prior to spending a jail time in one the overcrowded prisons in Washington D.C, had vanished! “Overcrowded prisons only make the prisoners worse.” If you are writing an argumentative essay, this is one of the argumentative essay topics for college students that you may consider discussing.  So what is an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing that conveniences the reader to take your side of the argument.
The purpose of argumentative essay topics for college students
The main objective of writing an argumentative essay is to prick the reader’s mind with an opinion for, or against, the subject. The topic must hence provide exceptionally and believable suggestions through evidence and examples to support your argument.
How to select argumentative essay topics for college students
Choose an easy argumentative essay topic. An easy argumentative essay topic enhances a smooth and easy time in your essay writing. Besides, choose a topic that is captivating both to you and your target audience. Writing on an interesting topic makes your essay writing interesting. Next, select a topic that you can easily get evidence and materials to support your argument. Finally, choose a topic that is relevant to your audience. For example, if your target audience is the government, it would be irrelevant to write an argumentative topic such as, “romance is the weakest basis for marriage.”
  The target audience
When selecting an argumentative essay topic, it is astute to have a comprehension of your target audience based on their background, gender, intellectual level, their knowledge of the topic, the attitude they have towards the topic, and what they need to learn about the topic. This subsequently enables you to select an interesting and relevant topic to your audience. Besides, a comprehension of your target audience gives you tips to select an easy argumentative essay topic based on their intellectual level.
Easy argumentative essay topics for college students
  • Americans students should have more holidays and longer vacations
  • There will never be a day when Israel shall lose a battle
  • School uniforms should be banned
  • Overcrowded prisons only make the prisoners worse
  •  Abortion is essential
  •  Alcohol should not be sold to persons under 21
  • The government should provide all students with opportunities to attend college
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