Thursday, 27 September 2012

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

Silence filled the court room; all eyes were on the judge, and he took his time. “I pronounce Eric Forrester and Anna Rosebell as a legally divorced couple…” the words tore my heart into pieces, and the rest of the statements fell on deaf years. The events of my parents’ divorce continue to be one of the saddest episodes of my life. It has never been the same; I grew up with my mother, and a step farther. I met my biological father occasionally after the divorce. Our discussions were like those of strangers; he had moved on to another family and children! While both my parents moved on to other families, my family remained broken. “Divorce affects the children to the greatest extent, stop it!” This is an example of argumentative persuasive essay topic.  The objective of an Argumentative persuasive essay is to convince the reader to buy his or her point of view, and then persuade them to act based on the argument. Sometimes you may be required to write controversial argumentative essay topics. In such instances, do not fret. Choose a subject that is controversial to the society and make an argument, then persuade your audience to act based on the argument. An example of a controversial argumentative essay topic is; Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes
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What you must know….
In argumentative essay writing, the writer is supposed to write from a personal point of view, with the objective of winning the reader to buy his point of view. This may be an individual’s experience that needs change. It may also be an experience of someone’s experience that made you think, there was need for change.
Attributes of argumentative persuasive essay topics
First, strong argumentative persuasive essay topics must be interesting. Keep it in mind that an interesting topic naturally captivates your reader. Again, working on an interesting topic makes your essay writing interesting and easier.  Second, select a relevant and credible topic. This is especially when selecting controversial argumentative essay topics. Ensure that they make sense despite their controversy. As such, select a controversial argumentative essay topic with credible materials and evidence to support your argument.
Examples of argumentative persuasive essay topics
  1. The elderly should receive free bus rides
  2. College athletes should be paid for playing
  3. abortion should be legalized
  4.  The driving age should be raised to 21
  5. Students should be paid for good grades
  6.   Illegal migrants should be allowed to get driving licence

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