Thursday, 27 September 2012

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Memories of that day haunted me; Craig had been sentenced to death! Worst of all; for a crime he had never committed! We had spent the entire day with Craig on the day Keith was murdered. According to the report, Keith was murdered at around midday; the same time we were on the beach with Craig. Only Craig and I knew the truth, and I had not succeeded in defending him. The feeling of guilt, coupled with loss and grief stubbornly stayed in my heart. What about the innocent? What about the people who wanted a chance to change? “Death penalty should never be!”  If you are assigned an argumentative essay, this is one of the easy argumentative essay topics that you may consider discussing. An argumentative essay is written with the intention of pricking the mind of a reader with the opinion for, or against, the subject. It involves ideas and opinions of the writer, who has the main objective of convincing the reader to take side of his or her argument. It may be based on personal experience, which calls for change on a specific subject. Argumentative persuasive essay topics make arguments and persuade the reader to buy the writer’s point of view.
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 Steps to selecting easy argumentative essay topics
  1. The first step in choosing an essay topic is defining the purpose of the easy. For argumentative persuasive essay topics, the main objective is to persuade the audience to buy the writer’s point of view.
  2.  Briefly research your audience based on their background, level of intelligence, gender, and their attitude, what they know, and may need to know about the subject.
  3. Brainstorm your argumentative persuasive essay topics. Start with what you know and make a list of topics that you may find easy and appropriate.
  4. Evaluate the credibility of the topics. Good topics should be relevant to the audience, should have impact to the audience and should be interesting to you and your audience. Again, for an easier writing process, it is astute to select an easy argumentative essay topic. Also, select an argumentative persuasive essay topic that you have a comprehension on.
Easy argumentative essay topics examples
Some of the examples of simple argumentative essay topics include:
1.      Death penalty should never be
2.      Lottery is a brilliant idea
3.      The election process needs a change
4.      Saturday should never be a working day
5.      Smoking in public is murder!
6.      Cell phones are dangerous 

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