Thursday, 27 September 2012

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

2nd, May, 2011, was a different day for the whole world. Different media stations, reported the news differently, in different languages, and by different presenters; Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was dead! He was shot and killed inside a private residential compound, by members of the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group, which was ordered by the then president of US, Barack Obama. This is a topic that has caused diverse reactions from different personnel. 
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When asked to write a political argumentative essay topic, you may choose to write on an Osama bin laden essay. In this case, take an approach that will give your arguments in relation to Osama, but on the basis of politics. For example, look at this; “Osama bin Laden, should never have been murdered!” Consequently, give your arguments basing them on political grounds. Political argumentative essay topics require you as a writer to make an argument based on politics. If you are a lover of politics, this is an easy task. However, if you are not, do not fret; you can do it, stay with me.
Tips on how to select strong political argumentative essay topics
To begin with, select an interesting topic, to captivate your readers. Besides, an interesting topic makes it easy for you to write your essay. Second, choose a topic with sufficient supportive material. Keep it in mind that the main objective of an argumentative essay is to convenience the reader to buy your point of view. For instance, as much as the subject of Osama bin Laden is captivating, it would be difficult to find material supporting the fact that Osama should never have been murdered. Third, select a topic that impacts your reader positively. Finally, select an argumentative essay topic that is current. Current news captures the attention of readers as opposed to old topics. 
Examples of political argumentative essay topics
  • Politics is not a dirty game
  • Osama bin laden should never have been murdered
Besides topics on politics…
Besides argumentative essay topics on politics, there are argumentative essay topics on education, on science, on fun and the list is endless. Argumentative essay topics on education, discuss arguments based on education. An example of an argumentative essay topic on education is, “sex education should be practiced in places of worship.”  You can always solicit examples of argumentative essay topics on education, on science, or fun among others from custom writing services.

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