Thursday, 27 September 2012

Argumentative Essay Topics On Education

“Today we are going to talk about sex!” The preacher announced. We had just finished our session of worship and the congregation had silently descended to their seats; expectant. The clapping had just faded away, as the congregation waited for the preacher to start the sermon, and there came the topic! You can only imagine the congregation’s diverse reactions. For years on end, sex has been termed as an evil thing, which is not even supposed to be discussed in places of worship. However, as days go by, few places of worship teach about sex, and this is the way it should be; places of worship should teach about sex based on its rightful morals. This would be one of the keys to reducing divorce caused by cheating partners, premarital sex that leads to unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and HIV and AIDs. Well, looking for argumentative essay topics on education? You have one already!
So what is an argumentative essay?
An argumentative essay has the sole mandate of convincing the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. It is written in the opinion of the writer, based on a personal or another individual’s experience. Argumentative essays are hence written using the first person style of writing. Consequently, when writing on an argumentative essay topic on education, you are compelled to write on a subject based on education, which is persuading the audience to buy your point of view. For instance, referring to our earlier instance; “places of worship should practice sex education.”
Sources of argumentative essay topic on education
The internet, books, journals and custom writing services are massive sources of argumentative essays topics. Keep it in mind that they are also sources of other topics such as fun argumentative essay topics.
Attributes of argumentative essay topics
Whether you are writing on fun argumentative essay topics, or education argumentative essay topics, they must have the following attributes;
  •  Interesting, both to you and your target audience
  • Relevant
  • Must have credible supportive materials
Examples of argumentative essay topics
The following are examples of argumentative essay topics. They can be of paramount help to you in relation to giving you ideas when soliciting fun argumentative essay topics, or argumentative essay topics on education.
  1. Students who commit cyber-bullying should be suspended from school
  2. Corporations should be allowed to advertise in school
  3.  Education on drugs should be implemented in the whole world
  4. Work with no play makes John a dull boy (an example of  a fun argumentative essay topic)

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