Thursday, 27 September 2012

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

I looked at my twelve year old girl; she had changed a whole lot, except for her smile. It was still the magical beautiful smile I knew, before she was taken away from me at the age of one year. I run to her, with tears in my eyes. My heart went out to her as I held my little girl; I broke down. The frustrations and harassment of life without her parents had sent her to the streets; as a prostitute! In my hours of misery, I secretly supported sex workers when they demanded the legalizing of prostitution. “What a controversy!” You would think, but look at it this way; if the government regulated prostitution, my little girl would never have ended there; the government would defend her rights as a child, and probably reunite her with her family! The government should legalize and regulate prostitution is one of the examples of controversial argumentative essay topics.
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What is an argumentative essay?
Prior to anything else, it is only astute that we have a comprehension of an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is written with the sole mandate of convincing the reader to buy your point of view. For a controversial argumentative essay topic, choose a topic that is controversial to the society and give your point of argument. Remember that the main objective is for the reader to buy your point of view no matter how controversial it is!
Selecting suitable controversial argumentative essay topics
First, select a captivating topic that will engage your readers. Keep it in mind that while a boring topic puts your readers off, a thrilling topic only captivates them to read your essay. Again, writing on a topic that captivates you makes essay writing interesting and easy. Second, select a controversial argumentative essay topic that makes sense despite the controversy. As such, select one that you can easily get materials to support your argument. It is also astute to solicit examples of argumentative essay topics, for better ideas. Some sources of examples of argumentative essay topics include; the internet, your lecturer, journals, books, and custom writing services.
Examples of argumentative essay topics
Below are some of the examples of argumentative essay topics, some of them may be controversial, and others may not.
  1.  Prostitution should be legalized and regulated by the government
  2. There should never be public holidays
  3. Fathers should be granted paternity leave 
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