Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing good argumentative essay topics is the first stage to writing an excellent paper. Good argumentative essay topics do not have to be complex. Choosing good argumentative essay topics even on a simple subject will make your paper be of high academic level. The quality of your paper will be determined on how good the topic and presentation is and not on how complex it is. Good argumentative essay topics are easy to understand so that they persuade the reader as opposed to being too complex and hard to comprehend.
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Choosing an interesting topic will make the reader feel that some creativity and effort was applied in the work. Creative argumentative essay topics are based on fictional writing and not mainly on factual information from academic sources. Creative argumentative essay topics are adopted when the writer does not intend to delve in very serious and formal kinds of discussions. Creative argumentative essay topics are mostly adopted by people who are studying social science and the arts. It is rare to find creative argumentative essay topics about sciences like medicine and other hard sciences. This is mainly because their concepts are normally based on facts and experimented data.
So what makes up a good argumentative topic?

  1.  It has to be about a topic that stirs up a discussion. One can take up a common subject that is not controversial on face value and then give it an argumentative angle. There are some popular areas where most scholars pick their topics from. On should however be careful not to pick tired topics. Tired topics are those that have been debated over too much that they do not fascinate anyone anymore.
  2. When picking a topic, do not focus so much on picking a premise that you can support. There are people who change their view after completing their paper. In real sense, the paper does not have to end by stating that they stand you hold is the fact. The idea is to be able to skilfully look at the different angles there are concerning a certain subject.
  3. The idea suggested in your topic has to be backed up by scholarly sources from academic authorities or by the relevant important sources in your field of study. The argumentative paper is not a monologue of the divergent ideas in your head but rather the ideas given by other people concerning the subject matter. However sometimes one may want to present a totally new angle or aspect that has never been considered before
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